Skincare Giveaway, Kat’s Embarrassing Moment With Her Boyfriend & More (5th Thing)

#375 - Joey Moi on Being The ‘Joey’ from ‘Photograph’ by Nickelback + The First Time He Met Morgan Wallen and Producing His New Record + Adding ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night” Last Minute To Jake Owen’s Record

Joey Moi has changed the sound of modern country music. He has been a producer on 62 No. 1 Songs, over 35 albums and 450 songs. He got his start in the music business working with Nickelback. While attending Vancouver’s Center for Digital Imaging and Sound his audio production assignment included recording early demos of the band. Joey and Bobby talk about how he got started writing and producing music in Canada and what inspired the move to Nashville intro country music. Joey shares stories behind the biggest albums he’s worked on from artists like Morgan Wallen, Jake Owen, Florida Georgia Line, Ernest and more!

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The Dream Is Over.....

Someone had their dreams crushed this weekend and Team USA has been eliminated from The World Cup. Ray has some solid advice for the youth of America and it's got to help shape the future of this country. The College Football Playoff is set with Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and Ohio State so who wins it all? 

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(Mon Full Show) Jordan Davis Is A Special Guest Judge For Blind Karaoke: Sad Country Songs Edition + What Has The Show Ordered While Drunk? + Who Wins Guess The Famous Sound Game

The show sings Blind Karaoke: Sad Country Songs Edition! Jordan Davis is a special guest judge, find out if Lunchbox remains the champion or if someone new gets crowned! Plus, what are some of the crazy things the show has ordered while they were drunk?... Then, we play 'Guess The Famous Sound Game' with a listener. They have to name five of seven famous sounds correct to win, find out if they can do it!

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(Mon Early Bird) NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano Is In-Studio Talking About How He Almost Missed The Birth Of His Third Child, His Race Prep & More! + Lunchbox Shares An Update About His Roof + Mailbag: New Puppy Advice

NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano is in-studio talking about how he almost missed the birth of his third child, his race prep, how much his helmet costs and more! Plus, Lunchbox shared an update about the holes in his roof. Find out if he finally called the insurance company or if he's still hoping a reality TV show will fix it for him. Mailbag: a listener and her husband are raising a 10-week-old puppy and need some tips and tricks on the best way to train it in the winter months. We share our advice!

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Mike’s Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies + Movie Review: The Fablemans  + Trailer Park: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s time for a Steven Spielberg themed episode. Mike shares things you may not know about Spielberg, his trademarks, legacy and influence on modern filming. Mike gives his 10 favorite Spielberg movies based on story, genre, music and rewatchability. In the movie review, Mike talks about the latest Spielberg movie “The Fablemans” which is semi-autobiographical. And in the Trailer Park, Mike talks about the first look at Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny starring Harrison Ford. He returns as the famous archaeologist in the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones film series. 

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Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that I countdown from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!


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Best Bits with Mike D: PART 1

Morgan asks Mike D about some “unspoken rules for men,” and they discuss their music listening habits from 2022. Morgan has a moment of therapy about her love life, and Mike D shared something he’s been struggling with. They both talked about recent celebrities they’ve seen in the wild, and some movie and TV show recommendations!  


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Befriending Your Inner Critic! (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Self-Love Coach, Aubree Henderson is our expert today! She talks with Amy about befriending your inner critic...recognizing and more deeply understanding your inner critic voice, where it comes from, and how to engage with it more compassionately.
About Aubree:
Aubree Henderson is a self-love coach, author, and pleasure activist. Aubree works with clients and students to increase their self-confidence, improve their relationships, and love themselves more deeply. Her coaching specialties include boundaries, body image, relationships, sexuality, and self-confidence. Aubree holds a Masters Degree in Counseling & Human Development, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, and is currently pursuing certification in Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching with the VITA Institute. She is the author of Breaking Up With People-Pleasing. You can learn more about Aubree and her work on social (@ahhhhbree on all platforms) or at

To contact Amy about Outweigh:

Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy

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The Sore Losers Get No Respect

For some reason nobody seems to respect The Sore Losers and we can't figure out why. With the passing of Gaylord Perry, Eddie reminisces about his Gaylord Perry autographed baseball. Patrick Mahomes had the cheat code which helped him convince Andy Reid and the Chiefs to draft him. Morgan #2 stops in to ask us a question about her dating life and we have more locks to make you some MONEY! 

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