TMSG: Dad Builds Fighter Jet Halloween Costume For Son In Wheelchair

Tom Hardy and his wife want their 15-year-old son Tommy who is in a wheelchair to live like any other kid.

Being in a wheelchair makes it hard for Tommy to have Halloween costumes that are special. So his father Hardy always makes a point to build elaborate costumes that fit his wheelchair. Trick-or-treaters are often in awe of his ensembles instead of looking him like he's in a wheelchair and thats his dad's whole goal. And since no major chains sell wheelchair-inclusive costumes, Hardy makes them himself.

This year, Tommy's costume is a U.S. Air Force SR-71 Blackbird jet. The costume is a homage to his grandparents, both air force veterans, who died this year. For less than $100, Hardy and his two friends spent 100 hours to create the jet out of wood.

A special tribute - photos of Hardy's mother and father in their Air Force uniforms sit on Tommy's dashboard.

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