TMSG: Server Shocked By $1,000 Tip From Stranger

Waitress Samantha "Sam" Meyer works at Mama Catena's in Euclid, Ohio and an out-of-town visitor stopped in with his wife for dinner.

The couple raved about the food, and then left a special surprise for Meyer. He left Meyer a $100 tip, so Meyer quickly turned out and told them she thought he had made a mistake. The man told her "No I didn't make a mistake. You were wonderful, this place is wonderful, I'd like you to have a good night."

Then the man decided to order a bottle of wine to go, and when he signed the bill he and his wife left and Meyer picked up the receipt to see that he left her another tip, this time $970.

Meyers said she was so shocked that she took off after them, "I ran outside actually to catch them because I didn't know what to do with that. I just showed him the receipt.." and the man replied "I know. I want you to have a good night, turn around and go back inside, I'm happy to do it." He wouldn't even give Meyers a name, he just wanted her to have a good night.

The owners of the restaurant Rina and Fran Catena, said "You know we're really not sure, because he was such a kind person. He's our angel, he was an angel for us and for Sam."

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