Man Accidentally Trips Little Girl As He Proposes

A marriage proposal got off to a bumpy start when a little girl got involved.

Groom-to-be Ben Gilbert was bending down to pop the question to girlfriend Ali Meyers at Dallas Arboretum, when a little girl came walking forward at just the right time. Meyers wasn't expecting the proposal so she was in total shock as she realized what was happening.

As Meyers was in shock, so was a little girl who tripped over Gilbert's back foot as he lowered down to one knee. The girl ran off after dropping her pumpkins, seemingly upset.

Gilbert paused the proposal so he and Myers could make sure the girl was ok before returning to the whole proposal situation. Luckily, the day had a happy ending, Myers said "yes" and the little girl escaped permanent injury. And thankfully for us, one of their friends captured the whole moment on video.

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