Matt Stell Hopes Weddings Get Good Omens When "Prayed For You" Is Used

Native of Arkansas and former collegiate basketball player, Matt Stell doesn't just have the talents of being an artist or songwriter. He taught himself to sing and play guitar in college and fell in love with playing music.

Right now Stell's song "Prayed For You" is sitting at #2 on the country charts and that alone has opened up many doors for Stell. Currently he's out on tour with Chris Young and Eli Young Band.

Stell confessed on The Bobby Bones Show that it's very surreal to have people sing along to his song and watch as they film "Prayed For You" from their phones. The song has now been used in a fair amount of weddings since it's release and he laughed stating to Bobby Bones he hopes "It's a good omen when they use it."

One thing that's not so comfortable for Stell though is sitting on airplanes. He travels a lot to get from city to city but standing at 6 foot 7 inches tall, it's not comfortable flying unless he gets an exit row or the front row.

While on The Bobby Bones Show, Stell also played a game of 'Easy Bible Trivia' to see just how well he knows his knowledge of bible verses since he sings about them in "Prayed For You."

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