Morgan2 Geeked Out When Lonestar Recognized Her At Show

The Bobby Bones Show has been hosting Fantasy Drafts where the show cast members pick their top 3 choices in a variety of different draft genres. Two of those genres were song related: Country Love Songs Draft and First Dance Wedding Song Draft. In those two drafts, Morgan2 picked the hit song "Amazed" from Lonestar.

Lonestar even jumped in to help Morgan2 gain votes on her draft picks over social media after the picks. So when Morgan2 saw Lonestar in concert for the first time in Nashville this week at Whiskey Jam, she knew she had to say something. Morgan2 introduced herself to the lead singer, Richie McDonald after their concert and immediately he knew who she was by her name.

Before Morgan2 even said anything about the drafts, McDonald said that he had heard from his wife that Morgan2 was picking their songs in a draft bit. McDonald went even further saying that he tried to call into the show after the First Dance Wedding Songs draft for over 30 minutes just to say thanks. Morgan2 told him that she had to come say hi and thank him for helping her try to get the votes and she grew up listening to their music.

Morgan2 wrote on Instagram saying, "Definitely a top Nashville moment for me. Finally hearing “Mr. Mom” live & meeting @lonestarofficial who was helping me win in my Fantasy Drafts after I picked their songs. What is life!?"

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