Randoms-Our Biggest Role Model, Trending: #nospendnovember

Sugar, spice and everything nice – that’s what Millennials are made of.According to a new survey, Millennials are really into holiday baking – and they use the experience as a way to spend time with loved ones. 59% of Millennials say they are motivated to bake as a way to spend time with loved ones during the holiday season. On the other hand Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers said their motivation to bake during the holidays was to enjoy the finished products. (Yahoo)

Do you have a role model? According to a new survey, 74% of respondents said they had or currently have a role model. And some people have multiple role models. 81% of those surveyed said their role model had an influence on their major life decisions. And who are the biggest role models for most of those surveyed? Mom and dad.

Here are the respondents Top 10 Role Models:

  1. Dad
  2. Mom
  3. Teacher/professor
  4. Celebrity (actor, athlete, etc.)
  5. Coach or other instructor (arts, music, etc.)
  6. Historical figure
  7. Manager/boss
  8. Pastor or youth leader
  9. Family friend
  10. Friend

#NoSpendNovember …This is a good idea … To keep their holiday spending in check, some people are doing a#NoSpendNovember. Basically, you spend money on nothing but essentials in November, which experts say could cut your spending by half. The rules:

  • No buying coffee/tea/beverages
  • No buying lunch or dinner out
  • No personal shopping other than groceries and necessities.

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