Randoms-Industry with the Happiest Workers, Careful of the Airplane Water

Can you guess which industry has the happiest workers? According to a CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Survey, a whopping 90% of tech workers say they are very or somewhat satisfied with their job. This may explain why: Compared with all workers, those who work in tech say they are paid well (81% vs. 73%), have good opportunities to advance in their careers (70 vs. 59%), feel their contributions are valued (88% vs. 81%), and have control over how they do their job. (86% to 84%). (CNBC)

‘Tis the season … for going into debt. And the generation most willing to go into debt for some holiday cheer? We’re looking at you, Millennials. A survey by CreditCards.com found that 52% of Millennials are willing to rack up more credit card debt during the holidays. 49% of Gen-Xer surveyed said they would add to their credit card debt during the season of giving, while only 34% of Boomers were willing to put their holiday cheer on a card.(NY Post)

Traveling this holiday season? Here’s something to consider:The 2019 Airline Water study found that the water on some planes is so gross you don’t even want to wash your hands with it. Bottom line: Don’t drink any water on a plane that isn’t in a sealed bottle and just say no to coffee and tea while onboard. Also, skip the water in the bathroom and use hand sanitizer instead. (NY Post)

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