Randoms-Selective Hearing & New Holiday Trends!


Hashtag Roundup …Can you describe your heritage in four words?#MyHeritageIn4Words.

Some responses:

  • Sunday dinner. Everyone’s invited!
  • Nobody goes home hungry.
  • Homemade matzo ball soup.
  • Mayo on white bread.
  • Potato eating pale ginger.
  • Shotgun weddings do work.
  • Collard greens with fatback.
  • Brought up by wolves.
  • Top of the morning.
  • We once were Vikings.

Does your partner have selective hearing? A new survey has found that 70% of respondents say their significant other has selective hearing – you know, conveniently “not hearing” when you call them or ask them to do something -- and it seems men are worse than women. During the course of a typical week, men “won’t hear” what their partner is saying seven times or 388 times a year. Women choose not to listen six times a week -- or 339 times a year. (SWNS)

The holidays are coming …and so are the new tree decorating trends. There are rainbow-colored trees and all-black trees, and now … decorating your tree with fresh flowers. Yep, Floral Christmas trees are gaining in popularity. (Diply)

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