Randoms-Vet starts new Biz selling Boozy Cupcakes, Cussing Helps Workout

Life goals …93-year-old Ray Boutwell, a retired baker and Navy veteran, was bored in retirement … so he opened a boozy cupcake shop.Ray's Boozy Cupcakes in Voorhees, New Jersey, opened last month and sells cupcakes like Strawberry Banana Daiquiri, Tequila Sunrise, chooclaty Fireball, Kahlua Cappuccino, Blueberry Vodka and Pina Colada – all made with real booze. He also sells non-boozy cupcakes for those who don’t want the extra kick in their dessert. (Today)

Swear during spin class …According to a new study, swearing can help your workout. Researchers found that study subjects on bikes who swore while pedaling had more power and strength than people who weren’t dropping F-bombs. It seems swearing leads to a boost in adrenaline, which leads to improved performance at the gym. (WDRB-TV)

Stop the shaming …A disturbing new survey found that 56% of respondents say they have been body shamed in the last year and 10% say they have been criticized for the way they look in the past week alone. Negative comments about weight were the most common types of body shaming – with 60% of those polled saying they had experienced shaming about their size. People also reported being criticized for their skin, hair and height, and 10% said they had even being shamed because of their foot size and eyebrows. (SWNS)

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