Halloween Fun Facts & Stats

Here are 10 random facts, stats, and stories about Halloween for you . . .

1. For all the hype around Halloween, now that it's here, only around one-third of adults are actually going to wear a costume today or tonight. (YouGov)

2. Here's an analysis of a bunch of surveys on the best and worst things to give out on Halloween. The best: Any full-sized candy bar and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The worst: Broken glow sticks or candy from a restaurant's free candy dish. (Boing Boing)

3. Random fact: The candy company Mars has the term "fun size" trademarked. And they've even sued other companies for using it to describe their smaller-sized Halloween candies. (Time)

4. The CIA has some tips for putting on a really good Halloween costume. Well, they would know about disguises. (CIA)

5. Do you like haunted houses? 48% of people say yes . . . 28% say no . . . and the rest aren't sure or have never been to one. (YouGov)

6. Some people in a neighborhood in Brigham City, Utah are upset with one family's Halloween display that includes baby dolls in guillotines. (CBS 2 - Salt Lake City)

7. If you were planning to hand out WAX LIPS to trick-or-treaters tonight, here's an impassioned essay on why you shouldn't. (The Daily Meal)

8. There are lots of places you can get free or cheap food today, including Chipotle and Krispy Kreme. (Chew Boom)

9. The website Jezebel held a scary story contest and compiled the "10 scariest stories you'll ever hear." (Jezebel)

10. And finally, good news if you're scrambling to get out of work early today and/or worried about how you're going to feel going into work tomorrow morning: Next year, Halloween is on a SATURDAY. (National Today)

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