Happy Pre-Valentine’s Breakup Day … Yep, according to relationship experts, February 13th is one of the most popular days of the year for breakups. Seems for some people Valentine’s Day is the wake-up call that things aren’t hearts and flowers in their relationship. So, they end a bad romance the day before the Day of Love. (Bravo TV)


Debt before diet … According to a Credit Karma survey, 38 percent of respondents said they would be willing to take on more debt to avoid gaining 10 pounds. How much debt?  About $1,300. (Credit Karma)


Forget the flowers and overpriced dinner … the best Valentine’s gift for your sweetie is a surprise getaway or experience. That’s according to University of Washington professor and author Pepper Schwartz, who says you should get “something that shows that you know them -- not that you did something generic, but that you did something that even required making a reservation.” (Market Watch)


Money for medals ... We all know about the lucrative endorsement deals Olympians get for winning Gold, but did you know the United States Olympic Committee gives athletes a cash prize for each winning medal? Yep, each Gold medal earns an athlete $37,000. Silver gets $22,500 and Bronze gets $15,000. Team sports have to split the earnings evenly, but individuals get the whole check to themselves. The payouts don’t come from taxpayers, but from private donors. (Good Housekeeping)