Here's your state's biggest fear!

With Halloween right around the corner, you're probably a little jumpier than usual!

For most of the country, "fear of being alone" ranked #1 (Nevada, Washington Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, and Missouri).

Others include the dark (Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio) people (Arkansas, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania), public speaking (Mississippi), vomit (Delaware), heights (Idaho), needles (New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois - which is weird because I figured it would be Aaron Rodgers TBH), confined spaces (New Mexico), dying (Nebraska, Alabama, Connecticut, Arizona), blood (Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Oklahoma), and .... clusters of small holes? (Wyoming, South Dakota, Rhode Island)

Montana was the only state with Spiders as their #1 (MY BIGGEST FEAR!).

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(Thumbnail photo: Getty images)

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