Is the new Mulan worth buying or should you wait? Here's my take!

You guys know I'm a HUGE Disney fan. What you may not know is that Mulan is one of my FAVORITE Disney animated movies EVER. The story of a girl who wants to bring honor to her family, and risks everything to do so, is a story that needs to be told. This past Friday Disney released it's new LIVE ACTION version of Mulan on it's streaming service Disney+, with one little catch. In order to view the movie, you had to pay $30 for "Premier Access". Did I do it? You betcha! Was it worth it? Depends on what you are expecting.

First of all, this is the most BEAUTIFUL film I've seen in ages. Forget that it's Disney. Forget that it's Mulan. It is a visually stunning piece of ART. If you are expecting too much of the animated classic, you will be disappointed. There are no musical numbers. The only number I really missed was the scene with the Matchmaker (you know, where she gives herself a mustache). The scene is still there, but different. There are also no funny side-kicks...aka MUSHU. That was a let down for my daughter who was always ADORED Mushu. However, for me, the movie and the story were strong enough to not need anything silly like musical numbers and cartoon side-kicks to carry it. It stands on it's own. I've never been one to love Kung-Fu movies. Kill Bill held my attention, but not really any others. This movie is a beautifully made glorified Kung-Fu movie AND I LOVED IT.

If you have little ones who are expecting silly moments and musical numbers, this may not be a good one to spend money on. Just wait it out. After all, you can view it on your Disney+ account in December with no additional charges to your current subscription. If you want to see an incredible story (that made me cry...I know, SHOCKER) in a film so beautiful that it made me want to travel to China, then go ahead and splurge on Mulan!

For us, it added up! We would've gone to see it in theaters anyway...which would've cost more than $30 for the three of us. We ate our own snacks at home...which would've been another $20 at the theater, and we were able to pause to go to the restroom and when my mom called for a nightly chat! Overall, we saved money and it was WELL worth it!


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