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What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day: Insights from Yelp

Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, is rapidly approaching. To shed light on what moms truly desire this year, Yelp conducted a survey of 2,500 adults. Let’s dive into the findings:

Family Time Reigns Supreme:

  • A whopping 60% of mothers expressed that their ultimate wish for Mother’s Day is to be surrounded by family. This sentiment is particularly strong among baby boomers, with 68% of them favoring quality family time as their preferred way to celebrate.

Dining Out Delights:

  • For 48% of moms, dining out is the top choice for celebrating Mother’s Day. Brunch, in particular, is favored by 25% of respondents.
  • Interestingly, 15% of moms crave the opposite: some precious alone time.

Generational Preferences:

  • Millennial moms (19%) and Gen X moms (17%) prioritize self-care on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a short getaway (14%) or outdoor activities (8%), they seek a break from their mom duties.
  • Meanwhile, a spotless house without lifting a finger is the dream for 32% of all moms. This desire is shared across generations: 39% of millennials, 30% of Gen Xers, and 28% of baby boomers.
  • A day free from chores and responsibilities would make 21% of millennial moms and 19% of Gen X moms truly happy. Notably, 44% of them would opt for a personal chef to handle the cooking.

Pampering and Gifts:

  • Pampering is on the wishlist for many moms. Spa days or beauty treatments are desired by 30% of millennial moms, 29% of Gen X moms, and 23% of baby boomer moms.
  • Flowers remain a classic choice, with 29% of gift-givers planning to present Mother’s Day blooms.
  • Other thoughtful gifts include personalized items (24%), jewelry or fashion accessories (21%), and family outings (21%).

In summary, whether it’s quality time with loved ones, a relaxing spa day, or a spotless home, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the incredible moms in our lives.

Source: Yelp Research

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