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Introducing the Cutest Trend: Single-Serving Pineapples in Miniature!

Could cute fruit be even more enticing? Del Monte thinks so, as they introduce their latest creation: the Precious Honeyglow—adorably tiny, single-serving pineapples.

Del Monte quietly announced these pipsqueak fruits in March, catching many by surprise. Despite their small stature, these little pineapples pack a flavorful punch.

  • Size: Weighing in at just a pound or two, the Precious Honeyglow is approximately half the size of a regular pineapple. Perfect for sharing between a couple or indulging solo.
  • Sweetness: Del Monte promises that these mini pineapples are a tad sweeter than their larger counterparts. If you’ve ever found regular pineapples lacking in sweetness, this might be the solution.

Del Monte’s motivation behind creating these petite pineapples is twofold:

  1. Reducing Food Waste: By offering smaller portions, they aim to minimize waste.
  2. Catering to Solo Diners: With more people living alone (28% of American households), single-serving options like the Precious Honeyglow cater to this demographic.

Where to Find Them

For now, you won’t spot these tiny delights on your local grocery store shelves. Instead, they’re exclusively available online through Melissa’s Produce.

SOURCE: Food Manufacturing

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