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Need to Pass a Kidney Stone? Ride Big Thunder Mountain at Disney!

Close-up detail of a kidney stone due to nephritic colic, with a ruler from behind to measure its size.

Photo: Getty Images

If you've got small kidney stones and you want to pass them before they turn into BIG kidney, ones that might require ER trips or surgery...there's a solution that's both fun and mildly terrifying:

ROLLER COASTERS...specifically, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney. People have been talking about this as a "cure" for a while...and there are even studies that show that it CAN be effective.

So this week, a woman named Steph Fallon flew from New Jersey to Disney World...SPECIFICALLY to ride Thunder Mountain and pass her kidney stone.

She even got a celebration button, and had it say, "I'm celebrating passing a kidney stone."

She said she rode the ride TWICE...and sat in the back row, because that's reportedly the best spot for stone-passing. Then, she went back to the airport and made it back to Jersey by midnight.


The next morning, she woke up and passed the kidney stone. She said she'd been in pain for a week leading up to the impromptu trip. And she would rate the experience of using Disney to pass the stone a "10 out of 10."

Source: New York Post

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