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Best Way To End A Fight

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Forcing yourself to sit in one spot until you find a solution rarely works. When we’re looking for a solution, an answer, or a conclusion we should actually be up moving our bodies. Researchers have discovered that it’s true: "physical movement jogs mental movement."

It’s also true that…

  • walking can be good for creativity.
  • doodling helps us learn.
  • being out in nature can soothe stress.

Columbia University psychologist Peter T. Coleman suggests that since the research shows that people seem to solve conflicts better when they’re up on their feet, take a walk with your partner the next time you find yourselves in an argument. "Going for a walk, exercising, building something, gardening, playing catch, and running have all been shown to help shift our mind out of deep ruts," he says.

Therefore it does no good telling each other, "we’re going to sit here and sort out our differences."


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