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Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2019

Halloween will be here before you know it, and it seems a lot of people will be spending a lot of money on the holiday this year. 

A new report by the National Retail Federation finds the average shopper will spend $86.27 on Halloween this year, which is down slightly from last year’s record of $86.79. That translates to $8.8 billion in total spending.As for what they’ll be spending that money on:

  • 95% of it will go to candy
  • 72% on decorations
  • 67% will go towards costumes

And when it comes to costumes there are some distinct favorites among children. Not surprising, the most popular costume is a princess, with, 3.1 million children planning to dress up as a one, while 2.4 million will dress up as a superhero. 

Top Ten Children's Halloween Costumes for 2019

  • Princess
  • Superhero
  • Spider-Man
  • Avengers character (not including Spider-Man)
  • Batman
  • Witch
  • Ghost
  • Vampire
  • Frozen (Anna, Elsa)
  • Pirate

When it comes to adults, the top Halloween costume is a witch, followed by a vampire. 

Source: National Retail Federation

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