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Carrie Says Her "Skin Crawls" When She Hears "Gurrrl" In a Country Song

Carrie Underwood isn't known for being controversial, so when she shows that side, I want to hear about it. The Guardian asked for her take on all the 'party songs' that have infiltrated country music.

She said,

"There are a lot of songs that aren't actually saying too much. Fun songs to listen along vibe. [But] it makes my skin crawl when I hear somebody say 'Gurrrl' in a song, you know?"

The other interesting thing about Carrie is that she may be like the girl next door, but isn't afraid to show her dark side. 

"I hope people know you gotta have a little crazy in ya. I've got long blond hair and I like glitter. [But] there's a little crazy in there, and I like that to come out every once in a while."

On that she admitted the body count in her Blown Away album included 'cupid hunted down with a shotgun and an alcoholic father taken out by a tornado.'

"I went through a phase where I killed a lot of people. I have no idea why, but I wanted everything to be cinematic and dramatic."

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