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Tax Day Freebies & Deals!

It’s April 15th, otherwise known as Tax Day! So after you wait in line to mail your return to the IRS, treat yourself to some stress relief with one of these discounts or freebies from some of your favorite restaurants

Tax Day Freebies:

  • Hardee’s - They’re giving away free sausage biscuits this morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., but you have to say “Made from scratch.”
  • Office Depot/OfficeMax - They’ll shred up to five pounds of documents for free through April 27th with this coupon.
  • Planet Fitness - Now through April 20th, members and non-members can relax in available HydroMassage chairs with this coupon

Tax Day Deals:

  • Applebee’s - The drink of the month for April is the Strawberry Dollarita, which comes with a Twizzlers straw and only costs a buck.
  • Dunkin - DD Perks loyalty members get a medium hot or iced coffee for just $1 today.
  • Firehouse Subs - Get a free medium sub when you buy a medium or large sub, chips and a drink today through Wednesday with this coupon.
  • Pizza Hut - Pick up a large two-topping pizza for $5.99 with online carryout orders.

(There are TONS of deals out happening today, check out the full list here.)

Source:USA Today

What would you do to avoid ever having to pay taxes again?

According to a WalletHub survey … 36% of respondents would move to a different country if it meant never having to pay taxes again, 24% would get an IRS tattoo, 16% would stop talking for 6 months, 15% would take a vow of celibacy, 11% would name their child “Taxes” and 2% would clean prison toilets for three years if it meant a tax-free future. 

Things people like more than the IRS:

  • Their in-laws – 42%
  • Spiders and snakes – 21%
  • Cold showers – 20%
  • Sitting in traffic – 17%

What we’d rather do than pay our taxes:

  • Jury duty – 50%
  • Miss a connecting flight – 25%
  • Talk to your kids about the birds and the bees – 21%
  • Swim with shark – 13%
  • Spend the night in jail – 11%
  • Drink expired milk – 11%

Our biggest tax day fears:

  • Making a math mistake – 31%
  • Not having enough money – 28%
  • Identity theft -- 24%
  • Getting audited -- 17%

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