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Sweet Tooth? Ordering Dessert First Could Help You Lose Weight

It's hard being a person who really loves dessert. Not because it's bad for you. Because you have to sit through your entire meal before you can eat it. But maybe that doesn't have to be the case...

A new study found that ordering your dessert first might help you lose weight.

Researchers monitored what people ate in a cafeteria, and changed up how the desserts were offered.

Sometimes they let people choose their dessert first, before they grabbed their meal. Sometimes they made them grab it after their meal.

And over the course of four days, 70% of people consumed fewer calories when they ordered their dessert first. Sometimes a LOT less calories.

One of the options was cheesecake. And when people ordered it first, they consumed an average of 250 fewer calories compared to when they ordered it after their meal.

The researchers say the reason all comes down to our psychology. Everyone knows dessert isn't very healthy. And when we indulge at the beginning of a meal, we compensate by ordering less of everything else. 

SOURCE: Ladders

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