America's Snack Habits

A new survey by Blue Diamond Almonds finds that most Americans reach for that afternoon snack at around 2:41 pm. And while that may be the time when folks’ willpower is tested the most, it’s far from the only time they're thinking about food. In fact, the survey finds Americans spend on average four times a day thinking about food, or about 40 minutes per day, which translates into 240 hours over 10 days.

Overall, the survey finds that folks succumb to their cravings about four times a week. When that urge to snack comes on, what are people reaching for?

It breaks down like this:

  • sweet (79%)
  • salty (54%)
  • spicy (45%)
  • savory (40%)
  • smoky (27%)
As for what American’s crave most, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find that chocolate is the most craved flavor (62%), followed by:
  • Cheese (49%)
  • Strawberry (39%)
  • Bacon (38%)
  • BBQ (34%)
  • Honey (33%)
  • Coconut (30%)
  • Honey mustard (26%)
  • Blueberry (26%)
  • Lemon (26%)
Source: SWNS Digital

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