Dining Out Is Busting Our Budgets (And Our Waistlines)

How often do you go out to eat? A couple times a week? Every day? I'll admit, going out to eat is one of my favorite things. I used to go out EVERY day!! But not anymore...

Have you ever added up how much all that dining out costs you? It's more than you think.

A survey by Fidelity found that eating out too often was the biggest financial mistake people made last year. 29% of Americans (up from 26% last year) said eating out was the top budget buster for them this year.

And eating out a lot is not just hurting our bank accounts --  it’s affecting our waistlines as well. When we eat out we scarf down an average of 200 more calories than when we eat at home, according to a study published by Public Health Nutrition. 

SOURCE: Market Watch

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