SCIENCE: How Long It Takes to Marry Someone

If you've been in a serious relationship for a while or are planning on taking your relationship to the next level then you'll probably want to know that it only takes you 172 days to figure out if you will marry your partner!

A new study at the University of Chicago found that it took married couples about 172 days, or about six months on average, to decide if they wanted to get married or not.

On the other hand out of the 2,000 coupled and uncoupled people polled told researchers that it took five bad interactions before they realized they disliked someone.

Don't worry though if you have already passed the six-month period, if you truly think they are the one, then no amount of time should matter! Also if they're on their fourth strike, then maybe get ready to pack it up!


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Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

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