Gift Idea: New Big Mouth Billy Bass is Powered by Alexa


Remember years ago, when millions of people wanted to hang a fake fish on their wall that talks and sings? 

The Big Mouth Billy Bass is back, and it has EVOLVED.

There's a new version on sale that looks just like the old version...but this one is powered by Amazon's Alexa.  So what does that mean?

  • You can give it commands using an Amazon Echo
  • When Alexa gives you answers, Billy will lip sync them
  • It can dance and sing along to Amazon music
  • And it'll cost $40, when you could just, oh I don't know, light the money on fire instead

You can pre-order it on Amazon right now, and it's supposed to start shipping on Saturday.

SOURCE: Mashable

Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

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