Three Filthiest Surfaces on an Airplane

A big part of surviving air travel is not thinking about all of the FILTHY GERMS floating around in that small, contained space. So before you get ready for holiday travel...

A new study found the three surfaces on an airplane that have the highest levels of bacteria...and sometimes even bacteria that can make you sick. They are:

  1. The headrests - They aren't disinfected very often, and they definitely aren't cleaned that well between flights.
  2. The seat pockets - Flight attendants say they've found things in seat pockets like half-eaten sandwiches, dirty diapers, used condoms, and used feminine products.
  3. The tray tables

Now you know.  Pack your Purell and Clorox Wipes!

SOURCE: The Points Guy

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Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

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