Halloween Candies That Are Gluten Free

I know some people are all, "gluten free is just a fad" or "what's the point?" or "it's just some stupid diet." BTW- I'm not one of those people. If you're Celiac or have a gluten sensitivity, steering clear makes a big difference!

If you have dietary restrictions, holidays can be tricky and with Halloween and kids and all that candy, there are a lot of options available. Reading labels is key to staying safe, but sometimes those little candies don’t come with ingredients on the package, so when in doubt, call the 800-number on the wrapper. 

If you’re gluten-free, here’s a list of some popular candies that are currently gluten-free so you can get in on the holiday fun too.

Check out the full 2018 gluten-free Halloween treats list from the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Source: PopSugar

Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

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