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Picking 8th In Fantasy Football Gives You Best Chance At Winning

If you don't get that coveted first pick in your fantasy football draft, don't worry. It might not give you the best chance of winning anyway.

A study looked at a bunch of fantasy football leagues over four seasons. And in a 12-team format, it found that people with the 8th pick are most likely to win.

Everyone WANTS the first pick, because you get to draft the best player.

But most leagues do "snake" drafts, where the person who picks first has to go LAST in the second round. Meaning you get the best player. But your second pick might be someone who's good, but not great.

That's why having a mid-level draft position can actually be better, because you're more likely to get two SOLID players in the first two rounds.

Now, obviously this can all change from season to season. And it depends on which players get taken first in your league.

But according to the study, the five best draft positions to have in a 12-team league are 8th, 2nd, 6th, 1st and 7th.

People who pick 11th and 12th have the lowest chances of winning.

SOURCE: BroBible

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