9 Signs You'll Be Best Friends For Life!

Some friends come and go, but other friendships are built to last. So how do you know if you’ll really be best friends forever? Here are some signs you’re in it for the long haul.

  • You both make hanging out a priority - So one of you doesn’t carry the burden of being the one who always has to make plans.
  • You don’t disappear on each other without explanation - You make time for each other even when you have a new love interest and if you do disappear for a bit, you explain why.
  • You both feel REALLY listened to - Getting advice from your best friend is important and so is feeling heard by them.
  • You do your best to handle your jealousy - Even if you’re a little jealous of your friend’s new promotion, you hold back on telling her because you’re happy for her too.
  • You express hurt in a really healthy way - No matter how close you and your friend are, you’re going to hurt each other’s feelings at some point, but being able to openly talk about it is key and can make your bond even stronger.
  • You give kind criticism, and only when actually necessary - Your bestie may mention something small that you could change, but they won’t bring up the same negative things over and over.
  • You don't bring in the squad when you have a fight - A BFF may air out a mild annoyance to mutual friends, but they’re not trying to build a case against you so your friends will take their side.
  • You're always doing new things to bring yourselves closer - Whatever you’re doing, you never feel bored together.
  • You adjust to whatever big life changes come your way - When you share a solid emotional connection and you’re willing to make an effort to maintain the friendship, you can survive a long-distance friendship.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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