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Woman Tattoos Her Eyeballs Blue

A girl in Australia has taken her love of tattoos to the extreme! Just over a year ago, she tattooed her eyes blue! Not her pupils either... Check out some photos below. 

The girl is 23-year-old Australian, Amber Luke. According to Fox News, she has spent $8,000 on body modifications including her blue eyes, as well as a split tongue! 

Amber says she “hated” the way she used to look and thought her blonde locks and flawless skin were “very plain” and “boring.”

She got her first tattoo as a teen as she “craved to know what the feeling was like” and had three inkings by the time she was 18.

Luke risked going permanently blind after getting her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink.

She says the 40-minute procedure was “very painful” and left her unable to see properly for three weeks.

Pushing the makeover boundaries further, Luke had her tongue split and silicone inserted into her ears so they looked more “pointy.”

Below you can see her before and after transformation. Click here to read more. 

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