Memes You'll Only Get If You're From Virginia

If you're from Virginia, you will definitely relate to all of these memes! Check them out below and click here to see more!

Source: Only In Your State

1. For those who take the backroads into work everyday:

Southwest Virginia Memes/Facebook

2. You can't expect the weather to be predictable around here...

Quick Meme

3. ...Especially not where snow is concerned.

via reddit

4. The over-the-phone accent barriers:

Southwest Virginia Memes via Brandi Hurley / Facebook

5. Attempting to mask our tone when realizing not everyone understands Virginia's geography:


6. Sometimes it feels like the whole state is just an extension of D.C:


7. Listening to others attempt to pronounce areas of Virginia:


8. Sometimes those vanity plates can take things a little too far...

coolmallu / flickr

9. Trying to tolerate the summer humidity:

via weknowmemes

10. And just one more about that pesky weather:

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