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Sanitation Workers Recover $100,000 Worth of Jewelry from Landfill

A woman in Georgia recently had a moment of panic when she realized she lost $100,000 worth of jewelry. 

According to UPI

Hall County Solid Waste Director Johnnie Vickers said the county's Candler Road Landfill received a call March 9 from a local woman who reported $100,000 worth of jewelry had accidentally been thrown away and carried off by garbage collectors.

Vickers said the team of five employees working to sift through the hauled trash had only one clue to go on -- the precious items were in a black bag.

Vickers said they were able to examine logs and narrow the search down to about 9-10 tons of trash that had arrived within a 20-minute window.

He said it took several hours of searching to find the right bag.

"We reached down and picked up one last bag," Vickers said. "He said, 'Looky there, looky there, praise Jesus!'"

Vickers said the woman had called just in time to stop the bag from bring dumped at the face of landfill, making its recovery essentially impossible.

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