Things You’ll Only Understand if You Grew Up Near the Mountains of VA

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty! I love this list that Only in Your State put together. Here are the 13 things you’ll only understand if you grew up near the mountains:

1. First things first: you know how to defend Virginia's beautiful mountains when out-of-staters claim that "they aren't really mountains."

Lukas Schlagenhauf/flickr

2. You've probably hiked all of Virginia's iconic trails and could recommend some lesser-known ones to visitors.

Frank Kehren/flickr

3. You know that despite the name, the Blue Ridge Mountains aren't always so blue. Sometimes, they're purple...


4. ...golden...


5. ...and even green. You also know that despite this beautiful array of colors, nothing beats blue.


6. You know that weather can roll in pretty quickly if you live near the mountains. This is especially true for thunderstorms in the summer.

David Clow/flickr

7. When you leave the house, you almost always bring an extra layer with you.

Rowena Waack/flickr

8. You were probably introduced to all sorts of winter activities from an early age. Whether that was tubing...

The Cryoborg/flickr

9. ...skiing...


10. ...or snowshoeing, you knew that winter didn't have to mean staying indoors.

Lynn Dieter/flickr

11. You're an expert at navigating winding roads...


12...and spotting these creatures before they leap out onto the road.

Nick Dawson/flickr

13. And lastly, if you grew up in the mountains of Virginia, you know that there's nowhere else in the world with views so lovely.

Jeff Self/flickr

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