LOOK: Things That Nobody Will Remember In 10 Years, But Were Once So Normal

Buzzfeed put together this list of things that nobody will remember in 10 years, but once were so normal. Check out some of my favorites below! Click here to read more!

  • Having to put on channel 3 whenever you wanted to watch a movie or play a video game
  • Having to look up movie times in a newspaper
  • Having to print out directions from MapQuest
  • Scrambling to grab a pen and paper cause you wanted to order something off a TV commercial
  • Carrying around a disgusting amount of burned CDs in a binder in the back of your car
  • Owning a phone that you could go more than a day without charging
  • Buying Ringtones for your phone or recording it off the radio
  • HAVING to type www. In front of any webpage
  • Having to switch tapes for really long movies (like Titanic)
  • Having to put the viewfinder of a camera up to your eye in order to see what you were taking a picture of
  • The horror of accidentally missing the newest episode of your favorite show and having no way to watch it again
  • This phrase - Be kind rewind
Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

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