Creepiest Urban Legends From Each State


Virginia: The Bunny Man Bridge

Why it's creepy: The legend is fun to repeat at campfires, but the real sightings beyond the legend are some to give you nightmares. In 1970, there were numerous police reports of people who had been threatened by a man holding an axe wearing a white suit with bunny ears. A few individuals reported that the man in the suit actually threw the axe at them for trespassing. To this day, there have been many sightings of dead rabbits appearing in the woods surrounding Fairfax Bridge, now known as “The Bunny Man Bridge,” as well as a white figure appearing late at night underneath the bridge.

Where it came from: Legend says that in 1904, a group of convicts were piled onto a bus to be transported from an asylum in Clifton, Virginia to a nearby prison. En route, one of the buses crashed, the convicts managed to escape, and the police were able to round up all but one of the convicts. As their search went on, they began to find skinned, half-eaten bunnies in the woods and hanging from the overpass of Fairfax Bridge, now known as “The Bunny Man Bridge.” A year later, on Halloween Night, several teens went to hang out under the bridge: Come morning they were all found dead. It is said that if you hang out under the bridge on Halloween Night, you will meet the same fate as the rabbits and the teenagers. -- Sylvie Borschel


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