Lunchbox No-Nos -- This List Will Stress Parents Out


Shenandoah County Schools started back today and Augusta County, Staunton City, Waynesboro City start back tomorrow. So what's safe to pack your child's lunchbox?

Childhood obesity and diabetes are real concerns, but so is finding healthy food your kid will actually eat when you send them to school. We know not to pack lunchboxes with candy bars and soda, but this list about what to avoid sending with your student is just too much. See if you agree with their idea of what not to send in your kid’s lunch.

  • Fruit Snacks - The lunchbox police point out that  these aren’t actual fruit. And we know that these aren’t fruit, we’re  not stupid, just busy. So we give these an “A” for not being Skittles.
  • Lunchables - Sure, these pre-packaged meals are processed, but some mornings that’s all mama has time to throw in the backpack.
  • Deli meat sandwiches - Yeah, yeah, deli meat has  nitrates and sodium. But who has time to bake a whole turkey each week  to slice for sandwiches as the article suggests? Not us!
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - The healthy  lunch list advises using fruit slices instead of jelly and natural  peanut butter. But we’re pretty sure a picky six-year-old can tell the  difference and won’t appreciate the switcheroo.
  • Kid-friendly yogurts - The list points out that  these can be a hidden source of sugar and suggests packing plain or  lightly-sweetened yogurt with fruit instead. But until they shove plain  Greek yogurt into a plastic sleeve with Elsa on it, some kids won’t  touch it.
  • Granola bars - Sugar is the issue with these too,  so the health nuts advise just making your own granola bars. So get on  that, mamas, right after you roast your weekly turkey for sandwiches. Or  just go for the convenient things you know your kid will eat and refuse  to feel guilty about it.

Source: Scary Mommy

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