All The Things You Could Buy If You Gave Up Coffee

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Coffee is the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us going all day long. We know we spend more than we should picking up our beloved buzzy brews every day, but some people do it anyway - a couple times a  day.

It’s just a few dollars at a time, so you don’t let the cost of a cup of coffee get you down. But have you ever considered what you could do if you weren’t spending $4.60 for a latte at the coffeeshop twice a day?  

  • If you quit coffee for…a day - Sure, it’s only $9.20, and that isn’t a whole lot. But you could buy a glossy magazine to read on the train or use it for a cocktail at happy hour.
  • If you quit coffee for…a week - A week of coffee  savings adds up to $64.40 you’ve saved. You could get a mani/pedi, a massage, a blowout, buy a couple bottles of good wine, or meet your bestie for brunch.
  • If you quit coffee for…a month - Now you’ve saved  an extra $257.60 from breaking the two lattes a day Starbucks habit. So with all that money you could afford a fancy hotel for a staycation, treat your friends to lunch, enjoy a facial at a spa, or buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing and still have money left over.
  • If you quit coffee for…six months - You’ll be  shocked to realize going without takeout coffee for half a year adds up to $1,545.60. So you could take that trip to Hawaii or Europe, get laser hair removal on your legs and never have to shave again, or invest in that designer handbag you always wanted.
  • If you quit coffee for…a year - After 365 days of  laying off the lattes at the corner cafe, you’ll save $3091.20! And with that kind of money, you could head to Australia, educate girls in a third world country, or be really responsible and put it in savings!

Thankfully, I don't usually BUY my coffee. I make it at home, or I use the coffee machine at work. However, I have friends who buy at least ONE cup of coffee from a place like Starbucks every single day. 

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