Chase Matthew Surprises Raymundo With His Fixed Up Truck

The last time Chase Matthew visited The Bobby Bones Show, Raymundo told him about car troubles he was having with his 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. It had been leaking oil and the windshield wipers also did not work. Since Matthews has so much experience as a mechanic working on cars, he offered to look at it and fix it. Almost two months later, the work he did on Raymundo’s car was revealed.  

His Chevy Trailblazer is now wrapped in matte black and has a new rack on the top. He replaced the Chevy logo to say ‘Raymundo’ and it has lights that can change colors. He also put on new tires, working windshield wipers and a new stereo system with an LED screen! Matthew started with the bodywork and getting all the dents out. He partnered with Copes Print Shop for the wrap and Brian Motorsports for all the new front end components to help make it possible. Raymundo was shocked and thrilled when he saw his car and couldn’t thank Matthew enough. He can’t wait to ride around town with his new pimped out ride.  

Matthew’s song “Love You Again” is flying up the charts. The song came out over a year ago, but to him it feels like it’s a new release because it’s finding new fans every day. Matthew has been playing guitar for as long as he can remember and got his first one when he was 2, which he still has. The first song he learned was “Smoke On The Water,” and stated that playing music is all he’s ever known. He just bought his nephew his first guitar and he got a video of him learning to play songs on it. Matthew celebrated his success by doing a lot of work to his truck like lifting it and putting spikes on the tires. His truck became so big he had to get a new gate for his house so it could fit.  

While in studio, Matthew performed “Love You Again.”

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