The Frontmen on New Music & How They Determine Lead Singer on Songs

The Frontmen stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the first time to talk about their new project, how they become and group and more!  

The new supergroup made up of three singers who were the voices of three of the top Country bands of the 90’s: Larry Stewart of Restless Heart, Tim Rushlow, formerly of Little Texas and Richie McDonald of Lonestar. Stewart, Rushlow and McDonald have collectively sold over 30 million records and had over 50 top 40 hits between them, but none of them consider themself as the true frontman in the group.  

Their new EP, Familiar Faces, is now out and so far, it’s been easy for them to identify who takes the lead vocal on a song. There’s no competition and whoever voice they feel suits the song better, they’ll let them take the lead. They started singing together because they loved the harmonies all three of them have together in every song. They feel like their music represents who they are, but they also put a contemporary spin on it to sound modern. They know their voices are the soundtrack to people's lives from the ‘90s, and they made sure to keep that sound while mixing it with today’s sound.  

When The Frontmen play shows, they want to get the attention of the crowd with a high energy song, so they’ll start with Lonestar’s “What About Now?” Then they’ll play a medley of 10 of their No.1 songs like “Bluest Eyes In Texas,“Amazed,” and “God Bless Texas.” They know the medley takes people back to certain memories, but they also like that they can do a cool, new and fresh part of it. Overall, it’s a great concert experience for them and the fans.  

Familiar Faces, features three new versions of hits from their past, and three new original songs like one called “Left Their Mark.” McDonald said that song was inspired from a day that he was in a rush to get to the studio and while driving there he had to pull over because a funeral procession was happening. He saw the family members and friends following and knew that the person who died had truly left their mark on those people's lives and on the world. When he got to the studio, he shared the story and they put it into a song which has now become one of their favorites they’ve ever recorded.  

While in the studio, The Frontmen performed an unreleased new song called “Laying Low In Mexico,” a medley of their biggest hits and “Left Their Mark,” which can be found on their new EP, Familiar Faces.

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