Listeners Share How Listening to Bobby Bones Show Helped Them Win Lottery

Recently, The Bobby Bones Show learned about two listeners who won $1 million in the Mega Millions lottery after hearing the show talk about it.

Today (August 16), Cheryl and Brian Vossen called into the show to share how exactly it all happened. It's normally their ritual to purchase $5 to $10 Powerball Lottery tickets whenever they go on a road trip. They've played roughly 9 times in the last 4 years. During their road trip, they heard Lunchbox convincing the show to all go in on Mega Millions tickets since the winnings were so huge. Since Lunchbox made such a big deal about it, Cheryl told her husband to purchase some of the Mega Millions tickets as well. It wasn't until 3 days later they realized they were the big winner.

They were finishing up their vacation when Brian called Cheryl to let her know they got some of the numbers on the Mega Millions ticket. She thought he was joking, so while he was trying to send her a picture of the ticket, she decided to Google where the winning ticket had been sold. Turns out, it was the same liquor store they purchased the ticket at. They were able to verify all the winning numbers and their tickets with the lottery. So they immediately hopped in their car to drive back down to New Hampshire since they weren't able to validate the ticket in Maine, where they were staying at the time. By the time they got to New Hampshire, the lottery was closed so they stayed the night at a nearby hotel. Though they admitted they couldn't sleep the entire night because they were scared about having the ticket. They made sure to keep the news between themselves plus a few family members and friends. Then they went to claim their winnings that next morning.

The lottery office didn't have the money for a check, so they had to do a wire transfer and had their winnings within the hour. With it being a $1 million winner, they didn't get the option to do a lump sum, rather taxes were taken out and then they were transferred the remaining money. Cheryl and Brian plan to take a vacation with their winnings, and buy a beach home since that's always been her husband's dream. Lunchbox said he needed to have some of their winnings since he inspired them, to which Cheryl responded that they were happy to take him out for the day in Nashville. Or he's also welcome to come visit the beach house.

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