TMSG: Customers Help Waffle House Employee Who Was Left To Work Alone

A worker at a Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama was left to man the restaurant all alone, but that didn't stop things from going smoothly.

Waffle House employee by the name of Ben was working alone with not a single ounce of help and roughly 25 customers were there. Ethan Crispo had stopped in the restaurant to order breakfast, and he photographed the next series of events that happened.

Crispo said that Ben was understandably overwhelmed with the full room of people and having to take orders, cook, and clean dishes. Crispo watched as a man in a blue shirt, who was sitting at the bar, spoke briefly to Ben and then within seconds, he slipped on an apron and was behind the bar helping out by washing dishes.

While placing his order, Crispo asked Ben where his help was, and Ben shared that his staff didn't show up.

Ten minutes later while Ben was cooking in the kitchen, a female customer in a dress and heels began bussing tables, serving orders, and making coffee. Then Crispo shared that he saw a third customer stand up from his meal and start pitching in.

Pat Warner, director of PR and external affairs at Waffle House told Yahoo Lifestyle that the story was true and confirmed there was a mix-up in communication with the staff who was supposed to show up. Thankfully the right customers were around to help!

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