TMSG: Animal Rescue Volunteers To Save Dog After Getting Trapped On Cliff

A great pyrenees dog, now named Clifford, got stuck on an Idaho cliff for at least five days with after presumably falling from the top of the cliff.

Several locals spotted Clifford in the canyon and attempted to get him help to no avail. Many organizations passed on helping the dog due to the degree of difficulty in the whole situation. One neighbor even climbed up to the cliff himself to give Clifford water while he waited to be rescued.

That was until Friends Furever Animal Rescue jumped in to help. Volunteers Richard Jensen and Dave Wright instantly knew they had to save Clifford and thankfully, they had experience rock climbing. They used a drone to survey the area and strategically plan their route.

Wright told KMTV that they sat up there with him for a little bit to get him used to them and feel more confident after they reached him. They gave Clifford pats of an energy bar and water and once they felt that the pup trusted them, the trio made their way down the canyon's debris.

Once rescued, the volunteers took him to Windswept Kennels where he was treated for terrible fleas, some infected sores, and cuts.

Now, Clifford is healing and recovering at a foster home, while the animal rescue organization is asking their followers for donations to help continue to treat Clifford and pay for his veterinary bills.

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