TMSG:10-Year-Old Raised Money For Over 130 Protective Vests For K9 Officers

10-year-old Brady Snakovsky has been making moves to help K9 officers across the country feel protected.

Just recently he provided Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority K9 officer Kubo with essential protection and that's just one of the many dogs nationwide that have benefitted from Brady's K9 Fund.

Snakovsky started his fund in 2018 after being inspired by a K9 dog on a TV show without a vest. He says, "They protect a lot of people so I just want them to be protected too."

The vests aren't cheap, they come from MMI Textiles and cost around $1,500 with level 3A armor in them and take 90 days to manufacture.

Through Snakovsky's efforts, Brady and donors have been to give out more than 130 vests with 60 on a waiting list. And his work isn't going unnoticed, Snakovsky was given the Citizen of the Year Award at the First Responders Appreciation Night hosted by American Legion Post 572.

Snakovsky isn't stopping anytime soon. His goal is to provide as many vests as possible. If you would like to help, visit

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