TMSG: Cafe In Wisconsin Has Creative Way To Let Customers Give Back

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, the J&J Cafe has created a program that allows customers to pay for meals in advance to be used by someone who needs it.

The cafe has been open for less than a month, but owner and kitchen manager Dale Peters says the program has already brought out the best in his customers. The program acts as a pay-it-forward situation where people can pay for a meal, then they pin the order on a ticket to a bulletin board ready to be chosen.

Peters told We Are Green Bay, "We're definitely not the heroes in this, but it is the people who are actually pre-paying for the meals." He continued, "We still have a lot to give away, so if there's anybody hungry, come and get them."

The cafe hopes to see the cycle continue with more people being generous and more people coming to redeem it. Peters also added that any tips diners leave behind are also put toward paying for future meals.

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