Old Dominion Talks Song Thomas Rhett Was Originally Supposed To Record

While most artists put out a self-titled album early on in their careers, Old Dominion dropped two albums and just now dropped their self-titled album (October 25) as a follow up from Happy Endings in 2017. The group has had really "cheeky titles" for their records in the past, so this album being a self-titled album now is most appropriate for them. They confessed that this album is really their moment they all came into their own as individuals and as a band in the studio. They felt it was wrong to give the album a silly name since this record has more serious vibes and songs to them.

The group has been together awhile now and they all still ride the same tour bus to things together. However, Trevor just bought an RV that his wife has been driving so things are about to change up a bit. They joked that it's going to be difficult getting parking for two buses now.

Bobby Bones shared that they are arguably his favorite band. He even compared them to the well-known band Foo Fighters due to them all being great musicians, but always doing funny antics and having big personalities. Old Dominion took that as a compliment, they said Foo Fighters have probably inspired a lot of things for them and they've never wanted to be the band that took themselves too serious.

One song on the record "Some People Do" was written with some of the band members and fellow country artist Thomas Rhett. Originally, Rhett was the one who was going to cut the song for his album. As it turns out, Rhett's album went a different direction and the song didn't line up. He passed the song back to Old Dominion, who said they didn't want to give up the song again.

While on The Bobby Bones Show, the group played a game of having to guess the first line of their songs on the spot. Matt shared that the lyrics of their songs actually bring a lot of nerves for him each night they perform. He may be the lead singer, but he confesses he doesn't know every word to every song. And every night the band is on tour, Matt has to go to a "different space" to not think about the lyrics and allow himself to just let go. The band all joked though that they've had to improvise before when Matt started singing on the wrong verse.

Old Dominion was surprised they won Vocal Group of the Year at the CMA Awards before, because winning that award meant they had "support," which at the time for them they didn't think they had. The group is up again for Vocal Group of the Year at the CMA Awards on November 13th.

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