Food World IRL: Morgan2 Tries Out Cold Stone's Boo Batter Black Ice Cream

Morgan2 went to a popular ice cream chain for another edition of Food World IRL (In Real Life).

Cold Stone Creamery brought out the boos for October to celebrate Halloween. They turned their popular cake batter ice cream flavor into BOO Batter for the holiday. The Boo Batter also turned black to signify the popular Halloween color. With the Boo Batter there were two new specialty ice cream creations created to highlight the new flavor. One of those creations is called "Trick Or Treat," which includes the Boo Batter ice cream along with Halloween Oreos, M&Ms, and Kit Kats. Morgan2 went to her local Cold Stone Creamery in Nashville, Tennessee to see if they had the new treat and give her review.

Morgan2 taste tested the ice cream and noted that it gives off a black look, but when it's mixed with all the treats, it gives off more of a blue/gray color. She said besides the fact of it not really being "black ice cream" in person, she really loved the taste of it. If you love their original cake batter ice cream, this one is another delicious treat. However, it wasn't something she would go out of her way to get.

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