Everyone Thought Raymundo Got Engaged Over The Weekend After Instagram Post

Raymundo of The Bobby Bones Show went to Miami over the weekend with some friends and his girlfriend. After months of anticipation and Raymundo telling us it was the "summer of love," the show thought he'd finally get engaged while in Florida.

As it turns out, Raymundo didn't get engaged, but he teased everyone on social media. He posted a photo on his Instagram story of bae posing with a ring on her ring finger. The photo sparked everyone on the show to freak out, even Bobby Bones sent out a tweet saying, "looks like Raymundo got engaged!!!" Everyone was tricked though, Raymundo was just joking. Bae was actually wearing her best friend's new engagement ring.

Back from vacation, Raymundo talked on the show about his trip and says that he didn't get the ring in time for it to happen over the weekend. He thought he was being funny with his post on social media. He says that the engagement will happen by the end of the year, but at this point, no one on the show is holding their breath.

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