Amy's Pile: Kale, Ham, and Pizza-Flavored Candy Canes Now Exist

One of the many beloved Christmas traditions is eating candy canes. They're seasonal and only around for a few months so they tend to be a favorite.

Archie McPhee, novelty candy and funny toy emporium, is getting into the holiday spirit early... in a very weird way. Last year, the company released Mac & Cheese Candy Canes and caused huge chaos online. But now it's 2019 and they've released three more flavors to give us nightmares. Kale-flavored, ham-flavored, and pizza-flavored candy canes were all dropped by the company.

Each pack of six canes retails for $6.50. In some taste tests, people said "The Hamdy (ham-flavored) canes taste disturbingly like ham with a sweet glaze. [...] The pizza candy canes taste like pizza herbs with a cheesy richness."

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