What 24 Yr Olds Care About: Christian Bale Transforms into Dick Cheney

The first trailer for the new Dick Cheney movie was released on Wednesday. Watching the first look, you may not recognize the lead actor playing Cheney, but it's Batman, AKA actor Christian Bale. The movie starts off with George W. Bush (actor Sam Rockwell) asking Bale's Cheney to be his right-hand man, 

"I'm a CEO of a large company, and I have been secretary of defense, and I have been White House chief of staff. The Vice Presidency is a mostly symbolic job. However, if we came to a different understanding..."

The movie called 'Vice' will be released to theaters on Christmas Day this year on December 25th. The film is a biopic that chronicles Cheney's life in politics. Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Jesse Plemons will star alongside Bale. In the trailer, Bale is seen with a shaved head, bleached eyebrows and at least 40lbs bigger than before. 

Photo: Youtube Trailer